GREY                                                                                          PLEASE ASK
CPL.  £3.50pr  SGT. £4.50pr. 1st. SGT £5.50pr SGT MJR., CO. and  Regimental SGT.  Ordnance SGT. £6pr.
Gold Lace chevrons SGT. £10pr.  SGT. MJR. CO. and Regimental SGT.  £14pr.
              Sgt. Mjr.                                         1st. Sgt.                          Regimental supply Sgt.                                  Ordnance Sgt.              Sgt.                          Cpl.
Ordnance inverted star   Cpl. CSA          CW  and IWP  Gold.
.58 Cal. cartridge box with two tin inserts, tool pouch these      Cavalry cartridge  box, 20 round wood      Enfield cartridge box         Officers pistol cartridge box available in black or russet
will fit on the belt or with a cross strap, available in black or     block insert, tool pouch, fits on the belt     tin insert, worn with cross   worn  on the belt only. Available in black or russet.
Russet.                             £21.00                                                                    £21.00                                                £21.00                                                      £14
             CS cap pouch, fleece lined, nipple prick black or russet.                                                    Union cap pouch shield or square  style, fleece                                     Enfield cap pouch black                  Cavalry or Artillery Valise  
                                                       £12                                                                                                            sheep skin lined         £12                                                             black only      £10                                        £65
                          Officers map case              Gunners haversack       1874 Dwyer cartridge pouch                1872 Mckeever cartridge box, 20 canvas cartridge                             Leather wallet black or russet
                        Black or russet  £25                       £40                                                                                                                                                                                                                    £10
Shoulder strap for .58     Canvas shoulder                                    Springfield bayonet scabbard, takes up to                                           cavalry carbine thimble                                          Flag carrier black
cartridge box, black             strap  £8                                           18 inch bayonet, U.S. Black with rivets C.S.                                                          £10                                                                     £12
or russet.     £12                                                                                       russet without rivets         £12                                                                      
          Spur straps black. Sold in pairs.     Leather sword knot              Rifle sling, fits most CW                              Cavalry carbine sling and                      Officers map case with shoulder strap                                NCO's Baldrick
            £6pair                                           £7                                       carbines  £7                                    sling and swivel clip. £25                                                £25                                                                       £15.50                       
  CW Holster,  £14            CS Holster in black or russet full flap.  £14.           IWP holster £14                 CS style holster russet or black £14               1872 early pattern £14.       1874 Holster with                         1885 half flap  £12           
  cleaning rod £15                           
                                                                                                 All holsters will take the regular Civil War or Indian War period pistols.                                                                                                                                  

CS Navy  Holster set, belt, holster and pouch                        1885 Carbine boot                                             1887 Carbine boot with brass
throat                                                     £30                                                               £14                                                                                       £16
Officers Gold lace dress belt, buckle             Officers fancy stitched belt,buckle, clips                      US Navy officers belt with buckle and clips
      £65                                                        with shoulder strap.     £60                                                       £30
Officers sword belt, buckle,                 Enlisted belt with keeper                       CSA Forked tongue belt                                 Enlisted belt with either U.S. or CSA buckle                                               1880's Prairie belt takes .45/70 rounds  
and cross straps  £25                        Black or russet     £10                           Black or russet    £14                                                                             £14                                                                                                £18
                                Union canvas backpack. Tarred finished, two pockets.                                                 Officers bread bag with          Tarred bread bag with inner                     1861 CS cotton canvas          1848 cotton canvas
                                                                      £45                                                                                          partitions  £15                         removable bag     £14                                          £14                                            £9                                
                                Sword clips suitable for                        left  or right £1 each                         .55p                                       .75p                       .75p                           screw .60p solid .55p each                    replacement end.
                             dress and parade use £7 pr.
Gideon brass top £12  Tompion Brass cap £1             Period wood button stick  £1               Officers or enlisted spurs £14 pr.              Officers Eagle spurs £16 pr.
               CW troopers boots                          IWP boots all leather                                     Union brogues rough side out all leather.                                       Tarred canvas strap gaiters
       all leather construction                        £70                                                              £85                                                                                                   £15
Full payment with order, payment to either L. Prescott or J.C. Pearce  Email  Tel
01304-842151                                                                                             Mon-Thur.0900- 1400

CFS Express rip off with storage charges

I have no problems naming people who one way or another have stolen from us, these thieves make the product you buy more expensive.
If your name is here, to have it removed from the list you will have to -

(1) Pay what you owe
(2) Send payment of £15 made payable to L. Prescott to cover administration cost of removing it.

Richard Dunk (Re enactor 23 Oval Hill Road, Burntwood WS7 8SU Owes £100 from three years ago, despite repeated request for payment he has chosen not to pay. Thief rating  A A A A A A A

S. J. Davis 26 Fraser Road, Booker, High Wycombe, Bucks HP12 4RP Bounces cheques total £64  a a a a a

J. Pearson 1 Glen Mews Green Road Balliclair Co. Antrim BT39-9GH E.Bay thief   A A A A A A A

J. G. Obrian 91 Robin Gardens, Wecock Farm, Cowplain. Hants Goods to the value of £60  a a a a a


We cannot guarantee all items in
stock due to the vast range but will
deliver as soon as available
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Staff                               Infantry officer                 Cavalry Officer               Artillery officer              Engineers officer          General service                 (                  Pending                  )                       U.S. Navy         Kepi buttons U.S. or C.S
large or small                       Lg or Sm                         Lg or Sm                          Lg or Sm                         L or S                        Lg - Me - Sm                                                                                               Lg - Sm
CS Staff                      General Service                      Inf.                        Cav.                               Art.                (                    Pending                 )                        Virginia                  small only              South Carolina
Texas                   (Pending )              North Carolina                CS Navy              Wooden buttons assorted sizes         Tin paper backed
All metal buttons are-
Large and Medium .50p each
Small                         . 45p each
wooden large           .30p each
Medium                      .25p each
Small                          .20p each
Tin paper back        .12p
Belt C.S. Russet or Black.
made in three parts, Cross
and buckle included. Up to 44"
waist £25
  Fleece lined   £15                                    Holds 20 rounds of 45-70  £20
Single loop holster left or right
switch off sound
All  items are correctly made as the originals as I use my own products anyone who knows me knows I
wont use incorrectly made goods nor will I sell it to you. If your not sure please feel free to ask any
questions about our products. All items are military standard so no inferior goods so called re enactment
quality or collector quality. Neither will we sell you the wrong period item as seems to be the case on
Ebay these days. If in doubt and you belong to a group check with your officer, NCO or who ever runs your
unit or group before buying or if you need any advice please ask.