Women WLA  wool jumper. £35     WLA breeches £65    WLA tie £7.50   WLA sleeve patch £5
WLA long service arm band               £7.50
WLA Arm band in dark
green wool with button
back, embroidered
insignia. £7
WLA  Pink
armband long
service  £6
WLA wool sleeve
embroidered WLA
in red
Officers dress uniform in
Barathera, four button   front,
fully lined, inner field dressing
pocket, kings Crown buttons.
Trousers high waisted, rear
pocket two seam pockets, button
fly. Rank to Ft.Lt. Included. Hat
and insignia not
Waaf officers service dress
uniform in Barathera, Tunic
as mans, skirt two panel
button waist.. Rank included.
Cap not included.
Waaf Enlisted tunic and
skirt, made in Barathea
Kings crown buttons, two
panel skirt and cap, sleeve
Cap insignia not included.
Hat, accessories and Insignia not included unless otherwise stated.
         Air Officers £50                      Group Captain  £45                           Officers £40  SALE            Waaf Officers  £35 SALE        QA officers nurse cap £35 SALE      Waaf Enlisted £35 SALE                Officers Overseas cap  £22               Enlisted Overseas cap £22
              SALE                                       SALE                                        Insignia is included on the RAF officers visor caps and Waaf officers caps not included on enlisted
Air Officers                        Officer's                                     ATA
All  £7.50 each
Officers Overseas cap
Brass insignia.
Warrant officers                     RAF Bomb disposal
Sleeve insignia                            £7
£14 pr.         
American Eagle Sqdn RAF
Wool embroidered   £8
Bullion (wire)            £10
Enlisted cap
Pilot                               Air Gunner                    Navigator                      Bombardier                    Parachute instructor                Observer                          ATA Ferry Pilot
All silk embroidered wings £
6 each   ATA Ferry Pilot in Bullion  £6.50
Officers sleeve
rank braid
1/4 or 1/2 inch
£3.75 mtr.
Air officers
CPL.   £5 pr.                                SGT,   £7 PR.                   FLT. SGT.  £9 PR.
Officers Auxiliary
Air Force insignia
clutch back. Brass
£6 pr.
Enlisted sleeve insignia sold in
prs. left and right     £8.50pr.
USA shoulder titles
£8.50 pr.
    Air Sea Rescue  £6 each                      Signals  £6 each                  Leading Air Craftsman's rank     Enlisted Vol. Res.
                                                                                                                            £8 pr.                                    £6 pr.
Enlisted Auxiliary
Enlisted tropical uniform insignia             signals tropical  
£7 pr.                                        £6 each
RAF K.G.s repro crown
Large £1.25p each
small. £0.65p each.
Original RAF issue belt tunic
buckle for both officers and
enlisted.        £7 each.
Officers dress blue serge uniform, fully lined. Comes with rank to Lt.
Trousers high waisted with button fly two seam pockets and rear
pocket. £280
Caps  Admirals visor cap      £50
Capt. Comdr.  cap                 £
Other Officers cap                 £4
White elasticated cover         £8
Officer sleeve rank braid. Braid and
loop                           £14 pr.
Sleeve braid  £1.75 mtr.
Admirals sleeve
braid                            £10 mtr.  
Approximately 15 inches per ring.
Volunteer Auxiliary reserve   shoulder boards  £20
Wren enlisted serge dress uniform Tunic and skirt, jacket
fully lined, two panel skirt. Hard plastic anchor buttons.

Wren officers serge tunic and skirt. Tunic fully lined, officers
brass buttons, sleeve rank to Lt.
Skirt with kick pleats.

Wren officer and petty officers Tri Corn hat
Wren cap. Tally not included
Officers shoulder boards, white lace tie on all ranks available,
please state which.         £20 pr.
RN volunteer Reserve
shoulder boards  £20 pr.
Wren officers blue wool rank 1/2 rank
braid.                                                                £1.75
Made up single loop and diamond  £12 pr.
Approximately 15 inches per ring but allow extra
for diamond.
WLA Armband dark
green wool   button
rear.   £7
Long service           £8
Please ensure full payment is included with order, checks payable to either J.C. Prescott or L. Prescott
please include full  postage.
Credit cards incur 5% charge, not debit cards, don't blame us blame the card companies.
Minimum order of £25 for credit cards
Returns now incur a handling charge of 15%
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RN nursing officer £6.50
Wren Officers £6.50
Wren CPO  silk
embroidered  £
Wren Petty Officer. Silk
Embroidered £6
Page 2
ARP CD Battle Dress made
in dark blue serge wool based
on the 40 pattern army battle
dress. 37 or 40 pattern

ARP/CD overalls   £110
junior rating
cap insignia  £7
Petty Officers dress
uniform sleeve inssignia
Officers Volunteer
Reserve. Clutch
back.  Brass   £6 pr
Aiguilettes for Admiral
and Admirals aid
PO working dress
sleeve insignia  
CPO dress cap
insignia. £7.50
PO dress cap
insignia    £7
Officers bullion
embroidered cap badge
kings crown         £7.50
Royal Navy white polo neck
jumper sizes 42 up 50
Brass Crowns with rear pegs
and split pin.  £7.00 pr
RN Repro officers buttons
large only.     £1.25 each
ATA Black wool visor hat,
comes with ATA bullion
embroidered cap badge fully
lined.       £
Please do not remove packing ring in hats if you are returning for any
reason, Hats return with ring removed will not be except or exchanged